Internet 101 – Cross Promotion What is it?

This article is in response to all the people that have said to me, “I’m not techy”, or I don’t know much about the Internet”, or who don’t know and simply ignore an email because they don’t understand it. Thought this would help the novices. When an invitation to an online event goes out to someone, that someone doesn’t have to actually go anywhere. It’s an invitation to view something on a LINK.
For example, when our film was showing online, we sent out invitations to attend/view our 3 min. film at an online/INTERNET based film festival. Many friends opted out. We were flabbergasted. The amount of views/clicks on the link/people who came to the sight shows the popularity of our film and we move up higher in the ranks on the film fest page.

Everyone of you that play those online games on the social networking sites and click on those cute memes are supporting someone’s page. This is how pages/memes etc become viral. Most people don’t even know they are supporting someones page. Half the time the cute meme (picture or video of something cute..) has nothing to do with the page itself, it’s just a means to get page views, clicks/likes. These all count when trying to raise your popularity in the Internet world. Even if the said website/etc is doing it subversively, they get the count.

We (genshi media group, genshi.lab and don’t do anything subversively. We are upfront and simply ask for your click. The indiegogo works the same way. Our campaign goes up in the ranks with every page view. So just by going there and looking at it shows that we are getting traffic. That’s all it is. So when you click NOT ATTENDING on our event, we take it very personally. “I can click on all these other dumb links to strangers and possible sheisters, but I won’t bother to help a friend with a click”. With fb there came a rush of a lot of people that hadn’t been in social networking/Internet world before. They all came on fb not really knowing how the Internet works. So, I’m tellin yall! Everyone posts stuff about being honest and communication etc. This is important to us. We are working to make a living and a + difference in the world. Everyone posts  about “Do What You Love, Follow Your Dreams, Do What Your Good At!  Well we are working on those principles and we want to help you do the same.  We will happily support your endeavors as well, so let’s help one another and swap links, share each others ventures and use the Internet wisely! With that said, Thank you so much to all the people that have helped support our endeavors! Let us know how we can help you! We have a LOT of websites between the two of us and can get the word out. It’s called cross promotion. I like it! It’s Aquarian! It’s the future!