Humane Humanity Human Rainbow Bridge

Characterized by tenderness, Neon-Lit-Xiying-Rainbow-Bridge-in-Taiwan-1compassion, and sympathy for people and animals, especially for the suffering or distressed:

I think there are some really deep seeded underhanded plans going on behind closed doors that sound like science fiction. And they aren’t just going to target African Americans, brown people, non-whites. They will go for all that are in the 99% income brackets, like me, like all my friends of the rainbow. I wish I knew the details,  but something is definitely up. Stay alert and aware friends! “They” are simply starting to show their force with the already disenfranchised… that’s why they are continuing the racist militant behavior toward non whites/African Americans… feeding and perpetuating fear and ignorance, but I don’t think it will stop there. It’s the beginning of “their” desperate fight to maintain power over us “little people.”

The truth of the matter is this. The ones that want to maintain any dominant power structure over other people, (especially when there are fewer of them than the ones they are overpowering.. us masses), They will use the age old yet effective -divide and conquer. We cannot let them divide us. And if we are already divided, then they have already won. We must make the effort to come together! I’ve been thinking about this a lot for a long, long time and reached out of my current social unit  in little ways throughout my life.. but nothing major.. I’ve always been too busy with survival. Like most of us, the system is the way it is to keep us down, dummied down and stuck in the survival mode so we can’t empower ourselves and take back our world. But we can prioritize our time to reach out to one another. We must maintain peaceful protests, while at the same time uniting across racial barriers. We must come together as masses, black, white, gay, straight, atheists, all religions, races.. etc. etc… we must peacefully stand up for what is true humanity.  We must live it. In every breath of our lives, breathe in the reality of our oneness. When situations get hard.. when someone is unkind to you or you witness an unkindness to another, use all of your compassion. Hang onto that compassion and integrity and fuel the power of forward movement. As a species, we must actively work on our evolution. Our personal evolution/growth becomes the whole as it spreads and reminds everyone of who we really are.

Everybody is in these little cliques where they are comfortable.. within their own groups. We have to get out and stretch our comfort zones. “We” need to reach out more, express our feelings and ask to get involved and build the bridges so we can all unite and be strong together! Maybe that is why all this shitty evil military stuff is perpetuating. Until we all come together to stop it, we will run through this senseless cycle, lifetime after lifetime, until we figure it out. How should we start this? There are so many organizations etc., so where do we begin? Get involved!  Think people, think and get back to me with ideas of how we can really make a difference on a large scale, and to make reaching across the social barriers a priority! Can we get some kind of campaign to go viral, to get people to come together, wake up and really LIVE THE LOVE and not ALLOW the BULLIES to run the show? HOW? Ideas? The 99% need to do more than just protest. We need to become active in building solutions. Reply via comments via any of my sites to share ideas. What can we do in a big way to really reach people? It’s easy being in social groups that you are familiar with, but to really make a difference we must stop preaching to the choir and start reaching across the invisible barriers and make connections together to save our planet, and all who live here.


Sharing Stories

As a young woman I had a burning desire to save the world. I felt it was my duty as a know it all to physically go out and beat the drum, chant the truth and correct anyone I felt was out of line. But as I grow older and a little wiser, I’ve learned to quietly observe, listen and continue learning a little more. Don’t get me wrong. I’m still outspoken and say my piece, but I hold my tongue more often than not. I’ve taken a spiritual path now.

When I was younger I was an activist for social, environmental and civil justice. I had a website ( going through a rebirthing ) that I used to share what I was learning as I went forward. I wanted to write more fiction, but didn’t seem to have the time.

Well, now my offspring have flown the nest and I have time to do some fun stuff,  so it’s time to write screen plays fueled by my life. And Life it has been. I’ve lived in exotic and not so exotic places. I’ve seen and had many adventures and been blessed by all the wonderful people I’ve met and all the wild and wonderful experiences I’ve had. I’ve lived many different lives it seems, but I’d have it now other way.

Throughout all this I raised two very well-rounded, worldly offspring. I apologized for some of the antics they had to muddle through with me, but they both said it made them bigger, than if they’d stayed in some town their entire childhoods, living the “normal” life. So with all that under my belt , I think it’s time to write some really juicy life lesson stories. This blog will be covering my voyage as a Film Producer, Screen-writer, Actress, and my creative flow as I put together some REAL production value with my partner in life, love and creativity Craig Anthony Perkins and Genshi Media Group.