The Revolutionary – How can it Help YOU?

If you are online right now on the “social networks” you must be as concerned as everyone else about the fact that they sell your personal information to advertisers and surrender your private data to the government without warrant or cause.

How can they do this? Simple, because you gave up all of your photos, personal information and content to their corporate servers, so they can do whatever they want with it. Well it’s time someone put a stop to that, and we have!

The is a device that stores all of your content: data, photos, videos, blogs, contacts, etc.) while having the ability to create a private network amongst other users of the device (mesh networking) and when we hit our stretch goals, we will be able to offer access to our own Satellite Internet service, providing free Internet access with no monthly fees to everyone with the device.

Once our goals mentioned above are achieved, genshi.lab will donate a for every one that is sold as well as partnering with other Non-Profits and NGOs that can help get the out to people with the need for this technology, but without the means.

In More Detail…

The basic idea of the is that it’s an easy to use consumer device that replaces your current social networking page by allowing you to upload all of your photos and compose your daily posts directly onto the that is sitting right next to you; giving you complete control over all of your content.

Why is this important? Because, as we all know by now, the social networking sites make their money in two ways. First, by posting advertisements all over your page and in your news feed, polluting what was once an ad-free browsing experience. Second, by selling all of your personal information, as well as your browsing habits, to advertisers that can further target you and track you as you navigate the world wide web… not to mention surrendering your private data to over-reaching governments without cause or warrant!

So the is your solution to bringing back control of your digital life and maintaining your privacy.

At it’s core, the is a simple to use file storage drive and web server which you can access from anywhere in the world using a web browser or the app on your iPhone or Android device. But it’s more than that…


  • A simple to use consumer friendly device to store all of your digital content
  • A built-in blogging service which you can share securely with just your most trusted friends, or share with the global network of users as well as the World Wide Web
  • An online hub for users to gather and chat
  • Wireless connectivity
  • Battery operated (with induction charging if we meet our first stretch goal)
  • Create private networks between your friends; use multiple devices for Mesh Networking (can be used as a FreedomBox)
  • Completely secure through AES 256-bit encryption
  • For advanced users, complete access to the Linux-based file system

And if we hit our biggest stretch goal, we want to provide free internet access to all users via our own Satellite Network. (We’ve researched it, and it’s actually doable. We are looking into several partners to help with this as well.) is “Disruptive Innovation”. It will change everything… and we here at genshi.lab are committed to making both our real world and online world a better place for all. Please visit our indiegogo campaign and help by donating and or sharing the site to spread the word. Thank you!20140428181103-genshibox_small


Plethora of Exploding Creation

Erupting From our Minds

July-2013 001

Supernatural creatures, mysterious science fiction, ghostly stories, inspiring heartful myths and realities, fantasy and fantastic technical ideation all blended into a really good story line. These features combined with integrity and a goal of uplifting and inspiring fellow beings on the journey of life is the result of the consummation of the partnership of Debora Jo Myers and Craig Anthony Perkins


Together we are the ultimate partnership. The partnership we all look for but rarely find. Together Debora Jo and Craig have the ability to support, inspire, instigate and not only birth, but bring ideas into reality.


Craig and Debora compliment and complete the creative processes of one another in Film making, photography, music and activism. They are currently solving problems with Tech innovation. (Craig is the tech innovator and Debora helps and supports his endeavors)

We are open to input, advice and critique, so feel free to comment or directly message me. We are always looking for people to network, brainstorm and collaborate with.

We are currently working on promoting our indiegogo campaign for the because genshi.lab founder and product architect Craig Anthony Perkins believes that everybody in the world should have access to the world’s information via free internet access, while at the same time having complete control of their own digital life. Please check out our campaign and share with your friends. We invite your support!gallery_image1


Internet 101 – Cross Promotion What is it?

This article is in response to all the people that have said to me, “I’m not techy”, or I don’t know much about the Internet”, or who don’t know and simply ignore an email because they don’t understand it. Thought this would help the novices. When an invitation to an online event goes out to someone, that someone doesn’t have to actually go anywhere. It’s an invitation to view something on a LINK.
For example, when our film was showing online, we sent out invitations to attend/view our 3 min. film at an online/INTERNET based film festival. Many friends opted out. We were flabbergasted. The amount of views/clicks on the link/people who came to the sight shows the popularity of our film and we move up higher in the ranks on the film fest page.

Everyone of you that play those online games on the social networking sites and click on those cute memes are supporting someone’s page. This is how pages/memes etc become viral. Most people don’t even know they are supporting someones page. Half the time the cute meme (picture or video of something cute..) has nothing to do with the page itself, it’s just a means to get page views, clicks/likes. These all count when trying to raise your popularity in the Internet world. Even if the said website/etc is doing it subversively, they get the count.

We (genshi media group, genshi.lab and don’t do anything subversively. We are upfront and simply ask for your click. The indiegogo works the same way. Our campaign goes up in the ranks with every page view. So just by going there and looking at it shows that we are getting traffic. That’s all it is. So when you click NOT ATTENDING on our event, we take it very personally. “I can click on all these other dumb links to strangers and possible sheisters, but I won’t bother to help a friend with a click”. With fb there came a rush of a lot of people that hadn’t been in social networking/Internet world before. They all came on fb not really knowing how the Internet works. So, I’m tellin yall! Everyone posts stuff about being honest and communication etc. This is important to us. We are working to make a living and a + difference in the world. Everyone posts  about “Do What You Love, Follow Your Dreams, Do What Your Good At!  Well we are working on those principles and we want to help you do the same.  We will happily support your endeavors as well, so let’s help one another and swap links, share each others ventures and use the Internet wisely! With that said, Thank you so much to all the people that have helped support our endeavors! Let us know how we can help you! We have a LOT of websites between the two of us and can get the word out. It’s called cross promotion. I like it! It’s Aquarian! It’s the future!

Cross Promotion – Helping Each Other Become Winners

The Haunting at Danford Cabin set.

I’m hoping you can check out our award winning movie The Haunting at Danford Cabin (in case you haven’t yet) watch it and vote for it.

Craig Anthony Perkins and I are serious about our film business. This is NOT a hobby. Craig has years of experience in the entertainment industry ( ) and we both have several decades of experience online in various capacities. I am cofounder, editor, writer and web mistress of, an online women’s e-zine. “The Haunting at Danford Cabin” won Best Animation and took the Grand Prize for Best Overall Film at this year’s iPhone Film Festival. This year, the festival was judged by a jury of 10 filmmakers and industry professionals from around the world. Please help us win the audience award at the ShortsNonStop Film Festival. (Link Below).

Concerning our films, we write the scripts, he composes and scores all the music, we do all our own Foley work, and he shoots, does the lighting, directs and edits it completely himself. I produce and help pull everything together. This includes helping with casting, coming up with set designers and construction as well as designing along with Craig Anthony. I have had my hands in costume design and construction, puppet design and construction etc. Our set for this film was built by my dad, Maurice Baxter and furnished by my mom (Herma Rae Myers, and dad. I created and set up the exterior scenery.

The hardest part is financing these films ourselves. The next step for us to take is to find executive producers for funding, so we can have something to work with. To attract executive producers, we need to show a prolific and quality body of work that has support from the community.  This is where you come in. Please help us by voting for our film so we can win. If you can find it in your heart to share our film and ask your friends to vote and share it we have a better chance at making it in this competitive industry. I apologize if I’m bothering you, but this is important to us. It’s not a hobby. This is our future and we intend to make it! If you are interested in doing any cross promotion, by all means, please contact me and we can help each other. I’d love to help promote your cause, work, creative endeavors etc.

Thank you for taking the time to read this. I know everyone is busy and we appreciate your support more than you know! Here is the link to the Shorts Non Stop Film Festival where our first stop motion film is competing for the audience award. Please take 3 minutes to watch it and vote after the credits have finished.

Thanks again for your time and consideration! Let’s help each other become winners!

Debora Jo Myers “Sunflower”

Producer @ Genshi Media Group