Moog Moods Ultra Fantabulousness-Synth NERD!

There are so many synth-nerds.. I live in Portland and they are all over the place, twisting knobs along with a lot of braggadocios and self important videos.. but very few of them are actually musicians. They can own all the synths in the world, and still not know what to do with them. Well, I’m here to brag about my partner and love, Craig Anthony Perkins. He is a talented musician with many diverse skills. I’m so proud of him and his self taught artistic talents!

my fav craig pic

Craig and I do all kinds of creative endeavors together and are always hoping/working toward finding a way to get our creations seen and supported financially. This is why I’m posting this. His/our work needs to get out there and seen and enjoyed. Ultimately we would love to have it seen and enjoyed in a large spectrum. It brings us joy to create and the greatest joy is to make a living at what you love and do well! We need an in. We don’t have the means to pay an agent, etc. So if you like what we do, and feel it, then please share it and help us get our art out there. 🙂 Thanks!  Click on Pic of Craig for Moog Test 3 video or  go to his YouTube.



Plethora of Exploding Creation

Erupting From our Minds

July-2013 001

Supernatural creatures, mysterious science fiction, ghostly stories, inspiring heartful myths and realities, fantasy and fantastic technical ideation all blended into a really good story line. These features combined with integrity and a goal of uplifting and inspiring fellow beings on the journey of life is the result of the consummation of the partnership of Debora Jo Myers and Craig Anthony Perkins


Together we are the ultimate partnership. The partnership we all look for but rarely find. Together Debora Jo and Craig have the ability to support, inspire, instigate and not only birth, but bring ideas into reality.


Craig and Debora compliment and complete the creative processes of one another in Film making, photography, music and activism. They are currently solving problems with Tech innovation. (Craig is the tech innovator and Debora helps and supports his endeavors)

We are open to input, advice and critique, so feel free to comment or directly message me. We are always looking for people to network, brainstorm and collaborate with.

We are currently working on promoting our indiegogo campaign for the because genshi.lab founder and product architect Craig Anthony Perkins believes that everybody in the world should have access to the world’s information via free internet access, while at the same time having complete control of their own digital life. Please check out our campaign and share with your friends. We invite your support!gallery_image1


Internet 101 – Cross Promotion What is it?

This article is in response to all the people that have said to me, “I’m not techy”, or I don’t know much about the Internet”, or who don’t know and simply ignore an email because they don’t understand it. Thought this would help the novices. When an invitation to an online event goes out to someone, that someone doesn’t have to actually go anywhere. It’s an invitation to view something on a LINK.
For example, when our film was showing online, we sent out invitations to attend/view our 3 min. film at an online/INTERNET based film festival. Many friends opted out. We were flabbergasted. The amount of views/clicks on the link/people who came to the sight shows the popularity of our film and we move up higher in the ranks on the film fest page.

Everyone of you that play those online games on the social networking sites and click on those cute memes are supporting someone’s page. This is how pages/memes etc become viral. Most people don’t even know they are supporting someones page. Half the time the cute meme (picture or video of something cute..) has nothing to do with the page itself, it’s just a means to get page views, clicks/likes. These all count when trying to raise your popularity in the Internet world. Even if the said website/etc is doing it subversively, they get the count.

We (genshi media group, genshi.lab and don’t do anything subversively. We are upfront and simply ask for your click. The indiegogo works the same way. Our campaign goes up in the ranks with every page view. So just by going there and looking at it shows that we are getting traffic. That’s all it is. So when you click NOT ATTENDING on our event, we take it very personally. “I can click on all these other dumb links to strangers and possible sheisters, but I won’t bother to help a friend with a click”. With fb there came a rush of a lot of people that hadn’t been in social networking/Internet world before. They all came on fb not really knowing how the Internet works. So, I’m tellin yall! Everyone posts stuff about being honest and communication etc. This is important to us. We are working to make a living and a + difference in the world. Everyone posts  about “Do What You Love, Follow Your Dreams, Do What Your Good At!  Well we are working on those principles and we want to help you do the same.  We will happily support your endeavors as well, so let’s help one another and swap links, share each others ventures and use the Internet wisely! With that said, Thank you so much to all the people that have helped support our endeavors! Let us know how we can help you! We have a LOT of websites between the two of us and can get the word out. It’s called cross promotion. I like it! It’s Aquarian! It’s the future! – your own secure media/file server to store your pics and videos on & network/post.

With the built-in web server (and a ready-to-go blogging system to share your work to the world) the is a safer alternative to “cloud” storage. And you can take it with you where ever you go (wireless and battery operated) or leave it at home and login remotely!

I just had a couple of iOS filmmakers and photographers ask how the will work for them… the is a lot of things, but for iOS Filmmakers and Photographers, it’s perfect as a secure media/file server to store your photos and videos on.You don’t have to be a photographer to benefit from the   Anyone online that wants to keep their information safe can use the and not have to worry about losing their private information or content to those that would sell it to the highest bidder! to the Rescue!

If you are onlgenshibox_stefanie840pxine right now on the “social networks” you must be as   concerned as everyone else about the fact that they sell your personal information to advertisers and surrender your private data to the government without warrant or cause.

How can they do this? Simple, because you gave up all of your photos, personal information and content to their corporate servers, so they can do whatever they want with it. Well it’s time someone put a stop to that, and we have!

Introducing the It’s an easy to use consumer device that solves this problem and much more.

Please join us in our indiegogo crowdfunding campaign at:

Petites Aventures de Cosette – Preproduction Mode

Cosette's Coffee Shopcosette_poster

A bright, fun, encouraging, sweet treat for the heart, soul and senses! The storyline to the first episode is finished, the outline to the series is complete. I’m now working on set designs, gathering costume designs/materials and designing and constructing props. Here is a peek at one of my work tables in my apt-work studio!

July-2013 001

We are also busy with fund raising and location scouting! Coming soon-casting calls! Please help us make this dream come true! Help us create something beautiful for the world! Be a part of this by donating anything you can! $, skills, ideas…! Direct donations can be made at or contact me.
Another way to help is by purchasing some of Craig Anthony Perkins music here:
F circusF circus

my fleas

Please help starving artists with potential to make something magical!

Official Movie Poster!

Official Movie Poster!

Hi Friends! We’re trying to make our next film entitled “Cosette” and we need your help. We are going to submit it to Amazon’s new “Original TV Series” programming as well as HBO’s new “Digital Shorts” channel. Small funding will be needed. Can you please help by making a donation or sharing this via your networks? We’ve decided NOT to do kickstarter for this project, because if you don’t make your requested goal, you end up with nothing. So we are kickstarting our own fundraising!

We’re needing only $10k, so if we can get 4 people to contribute $2500 in exchange for Executive Producer credit, we can shoot the pilot for this! Or if each of my online friends were to donate $20 each we would make the funding.

This will be a fun and quirky short series loosely inspired by Jean-Pierre Jeunet’s “Amélie” but completely different.

Direct donations can be made at

The Haunting at Danford Cabin set.

The Haunting at Danford Cabin set.

Please help starving artists with potential to make something magical! To refresh everyone’s memories; our last no-budget film, shot on the iPhone, won the 3rd iPhone Film Festival and was the official selection of several other world-wide film fests. Our no-budget iPhone film before that was showcased at the 2012 Macworld Expo. Imagine what we could do with an actual budget and an actual camera! Please help us out by donating $, ideas for fundraising, or donating time or services to become a part of it all. Please share this with your friends!

Debora Jo Myers and Craig Anthony Perkins – An Unstoppable Team!

Here is the latest Craig and I have co-created. ( see links below),  Me as model, make up artist and stylist.  Craig as photographer and creative director. We are working hard on our film ideas of short and feature length films. We need funding for our artistic creations. So, for now, we are working with what we have. A bedroom; which is our library, studio for set, costume and props design and one wall which  serves as backdrop for stills photographs. We use a couple of cheap soft box lights and the iPhone 4S. That’s it. Just imagine what we could do with real equipment! (and we DO know about crowd funding sites..but we need the equipment to make the crowd funding video and we need a network of people to help promote the Crowd Fund site. You can’t just make a video and slap it up there. There is way more to it than that and we need help now. Now 2 months from now. )

We have just celebrated our one year anniversary. Since coming together a year ago, we have exclusively premiered one short film at macworld 2012, won the iPhone film festival 2012 for our other short stop-motion animation, and just recently won Photo of the week on JPG magazine.

Neither Craig nor I are officially trained. We have educated ourselves and are adept in many areas of art, creativity and technology.  I am also a cook for a health food restaurant, herbalist and adept in holistic healing arts. I am an empath, and have used my gifts to communicate through the ethers to those that have passed over. All in all we are a pretty interesting couple.

Craig is an adept musician, composer, sound designer and audio engineer, as well as a filmmaker, toy designer, web/computer extraordinaire and super talented photographer. Craig and I are both sensitives and strive to share our wealth of life experiences and epiphanies through our art.

Craig and I have recently relocated to Portland, Oregon. I moved here after losing my business in NM, due to the stock market crash in 2008. All of my govt. contracts were cut at once and I was left high and dry. I moved here to reinvent myself and be closer to my family and a more progressive community. Craig found me on facebook after not seeing each other in over 33 years. We were childhood sweethearts in Jr. High School.

Craig Anthony Perkins <3 Debora Jo Myers 1978

Childhood Sweethearts 1978

Each admiring one another across the lunch table, but too shy to  hold hands. We continued our friendship online 33 years later,  fell in love again and Craig moved from LA to be with me in Portland. We figured we’d see if we were compatible. He moved into a duplex a couple miles from where I lived with my folks and we planned on taking our time to see if it would work in the “real world”. Well, we have been living with one another since that first night he arrived. We have only spent a couple nights away from each other because I was nursing a sick pet all night at my mom’s house.

We are seeking funding for our films and creative endeavors. Craig not only shoots and directs our films; he also writes, edits and does the entire film score (music) himself. I am a writer, an actress, set designer, production designer, costume designer, monster costume designer etc.. I have written for my webzine for over 13 years, fiction and nonfiction. I have several screenplay outlines put together from great stories that are life based and almost unbelievable! I’ve lived quite an adventurous and exciting life. Together we are a wonderfully creative duo!

We seriously need a sponsor/executive producer/money person so we can take our vision to the next level!!  We want to inspire, entertain, encourage and thrill our audience and earthly siblings on a much larger scale than we are reaching now!  If anyone can lead us in the right direction for funding we would be eternally grateful!

If you would like to contribute to our Starving Artist Fund , please feel free to do so!

Or, if you like electronic, ambient music, you can support us by purchasing an album composed and performed exclusively by Craig Anthony Perkins/ jido – genshi.

Here is the link to Craig Anthony Perkins website-

and a link to Genshi Media Group


We whole heartedly thank you for your support!

Debora Jo Myers and Craig Anthony Perkins