The Key ~ We Are All One ~ Recognition ~Ultimate Empowerment~

IMG_0919I wanted to share some writings from my past.

The Key is that we are all one. When we recognize this reality, then we can fully open to our higher purposes here on this and higher planes/frequencies.

Being a sensitive sounds romantic and mystical. I guess that being so can have these connotations, but getting there can be pretty messy. To be totally open to spirit and the”other realms” (for lack of better words) we have to learn to let go of ego: the ideas and mind sets we developed over our lifetime/s. Add the factor that we are all one. We have to let go of the illusion of us vs. them.

There is no us and them. Only US.

This goes for our concept of our Creator also.

God~ Great Spirit~ Allah~ Jehovah~Goddess~ Christ~ etc ~ US-AS-ONE.

So getting back to the letting go of old ideas of ourselves; This can get pretty messy. It’s funny how attached we can become, not only to the perceptions we have of ourselves that we deem good, but also to the deemed crappier aspects. I was surprised to realize that I was really attached to some of the silly negative ideas/illusions I had of myself.

I had to leave my husband, my home, almost everything I owned to go on this sacred pilgrimage to find me. I had lost myself over the lifetimes of misconceptions. Finding me hasn’t been easy. I’ve gone through a myriad of self punishment, addictions to old patterns–was literally drowning myself in my sorrows and the sorrows of all my relations. I really lost myself in that pool of sorrow, self pity, pity for all my relations etc…. it was quite ugly. But you all know the old saying that we have to hit bottom sometimes/get hit over the head with a two by four to finally figure it out. The more we hang onto our old perceptions of self, the harder the lessons–the bigger the wallop. The best tool I can share with you all in letting go of our crud is to love all aspects of ourselves, especially the aspects we thought as ugly or negative.. Once we do that it’s easier to let them slip away. This is KEY to evolving out of our old skins.

I’ve worked (along with my soul family) through a ton of stuff; illusions and mis-conceptions of self. I feel cleared enough and ready to start sharing what is being shared and gifted to me; Share what’s coming in. These messages, transmissions I’m opening to are intense. Mystical magical wonderful loveliful energies are being gifted to our planet, our earth mother and us. This year is our chance to dump our old stuff. Clean out the trash bin, to ready ourselves for the yummy stuff coming in. Remember that we are one with the earth mother and she is going through a cleansing process as well. We mirror each other; so, the more we purge our old perceptions of negativity and crud, we also help her to do the same. It’s one and the same.

Several years ago, as the invasion of Iraq drew closer, I started to lose it. I realized that no matter what I did, I couldn’t stop the war, the death, the horrible atrocities to be thrusted upon Iraq. After the shock and awe, I down loaded every bloody picture of war victims/dead babies and cried for them. I prayed for all of us. I worked on the etheric plane with Bush. I worked with Iraqi people on the etheric plane. We would meet at round tables and have discussions as to how to avert the onslaught of madness. Then I dreamed that we had failed the test. ( I’m precognitive and clairvoyant) When half of the country (USA) decided to embrace the negative propaganda and support eye for an eye, I was told that 7- fold Karma would result.

This freaked me out and put me in fear mode for a couple years. I’ve been told recently that enough people are opening and embracing love and the WE ARE ONE that we have averted totally catastrophic mass Karma, but we are still to see earth changes and cleansing and Karma for our hate, of what degree, is not set in stone, so we light workers are working double time to clear our personal crud to be able to open to more love and higher energies being gifted to us now. This works exponentially, so as we get it, we pass it on and on and on…This is what is involved in co-creation with our creator/higher selves etc.

Ok, so there I was  in New Mexico. I was told to move here after I had a dream as a spirit guide told me repeatedly, “Remember 11-11. You are a healer.”I awoke repeating “Remember 11 11.” I did a google search and found this: Solara 11 11. I was also told in dream to get to high ground as the waters are rising. I then moved my son to NM and then I followed.

Now, this is what I was told. One weekend I went to a sister friends in Flagstaff, AZ, and realized that I was on the jumping off point. On my way to Mountainaire, the community where she lives, a huge light/energy spirit descended in front of me while I was driving this dark, windy road. The stars were all vibrantly shining, and I was in awe of their beauty. This spirit in blues, indigos, violets and sparkly star bright energy descended and spoke to me. It was a Katsina.

The Katsina told me that they live in soul groups from another solar system gathered in one form (as 3rd dimensionalized by the natives in Kachina dolls) (A group of like vibrating souls form  Katsinas that are here to help guide us living on the earth plane. They said, “We are attaching ourselves to you and we are moving.” Ok, wow, then they were gone. My third eye felt like my pupils get when dilated. When I’m in a “manic” mode (as the 3rd dimensional doctors would label it) my pupils dilate and I surge with cosmic energy and am totally open psychically. ( A lot of “crazy” people out there are simply hyper-psychic, totally open and go over the edge as they didn’t receive or have the guidance to handle it.) Now I understand why many traditional indigenous peoples viewed the “crazy” one as holy or sacred. They recognize what it truly is to be open. You are open to everything.

So, I arrived at my destination and shared my experience, and we went on with the evening. We sat up and talked till 4:00 am, then when I went to sleep in front of the fire the Kachina Group came to me again and said that they were coming with me to anchor a large scale (HUGE) energy vortex, using the four sacred mountains as anchor points, and they were choosing those relatives that were open to help in the anchoring process. They also told me that they would help me on the 3rd as well as higher dimensions. (I’ve had a hard time in 3rd dimensional reality!) They said the old ones had come home and that I was an old one. (I already heard this when visiting some petroglyphs at the petrified forest ((what’s left of it)) in AZ.) I was also told by a beloved Native teacher of this area that I was home now.

The next day, I awoke, and we ate a big breakfast and started to clean the house and cook. We bathed and got ourselves all pretty and cleansed ourselves. Readied for ceremony. My friend’s told me that they had arranged a surprise; a healer was coming to take us on a journey using music vibrations. I was all excited and happy and I “cleaned” the house of old vibes, unwanted energies etc..

Then, this beautiful young man walks up the driveway. We all connected and quickly got down to business. We three women layed on our backs, heads together kitty corner to the four directions. Our brother smudged us with Sage and himself and then we started. He worked on our higher chakras (our energy centers) with flute, and Tibetan bells and then worked on our lower chakras with drum, rattle and the didgeradoo. WOW~is all I could muster. I surrendered to the spirits I had met the night before and they held me over the earth. They enveloped me in love and peace. I felt my heart open and I fell back into the spirits vibration as I opened to allow them to come through the healer and his music. As he chanted and played I heard their energy coming through his body and spirit. He/they blew out all the old cling-ons that I had been holding onto; The sexual abuse issues, the verbal abuse, the negativity I had imposed on myself for lifetimes–The realization came to me that I had drawn all this negativity to me as negativity acts like a magnet and draws more of the same. We get addicted to it. I trusted this lovely healer man/spirit and opened to allow all those lifetimes of crud that I had held onto–to go on….. Released. Gratitude fills my being.

We feasted afterwards and enjoyed one another’s company and those musically inclined gifted us with more music. I simply sat and processed what had happened and did card readings for myself. I dreamed and worked all night.

8/10/14 (about 1o years later) I was on the path to finding peace within myself. Now, almost 10 years later, I can say that I’ve worked through many layers of myself to find the peaceful core. All’s not bliss, but I do find that I have an even sense of self and am content with being. That is a gift!


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