– your own secure media/file server to store your pics and videos on & network/post.

With the built-in web server (and a ready-to-go blogging system to share your work to the world) the is a safer alternative to “cloud” storage. And you can take it with you where ever you go (wireless and battery operated) or leave it at home and login remotely!

I just had a couple of iOS filmmakers and photographers ask how the will work for them… the is a lot of things, but for iOS Filmmakers and Photographers, it’s perfect as a secure media/file server to store your photos and videos on.You don’t have to be a photographer to benefit from the   Anyone online that wants to keep their information safe can use the and not have to worry about losing their private information or content to those that would sell it to the highest bidder! to the Rescue!

If you are onlgenshibox_stefanie840pxine right now on the “social networks” you must be as   concerned as everyone else about the fact that they sell your personal information to advertisers and surrender your private data to the government without warrant or cause.

How can they do this? Simple, because you gave up all of your photos, personal information and content to their corporate servers, so they can do whatever they want with it. Well it’s time someone put a stop to that, and we have!

Introducing the It’s an easy to use consumer device that solves this problem and much more.

Please join us in our indiegogo crowdfunding campaign at:


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