Introducing the crowdfunding campaign –

Introducing the crowdfunding campaign –Image

Portland, OR, May 1, 2014 — Tech startup genshi.lab ( is launching a revolutionary device that will put an end to the Social Networks selling your personal information to advertisers, as well as stop spammers and hackers in their tracks.

The is a direct result of genshi.lab Founder and Product Architect Craig Anthony Perkins’ belief that everybody in the world should have access to the world’s information via free internet access, while at the same time having complete control of their own digital life.

Their photos, files, personal information all in their own hands, safe and secure; (away from prying eyes) not on some corporate server (a.k.a. “Cloud”) where their information can be sold to advertisers, stolen by hackers or spied upon by over-reaching governments.

The is a device that stores all of your content: data, photos, videos, blogs, contacts, etc.) while having the ability to create a private network amongst other users of the device (mesh networking) and when we hit our stretch goals, we will be able to offer access to our own Satellite Internet service, providing free Internet access with no monthly fees to everyone with the device.

Once our goals mentioned above are achieved, genshi.lab will donate a for every one that is sold as well as partnering with other Non-Profits and NGOs that can help get the out to people with the need for this technology, but without the means. is “Disruptive Innovation”. It will change everything… and we here at genshi.lab are committed to making both our real world and online world a better place for all.

Please go to the indiegogo crowdfunding campaign at for more information.


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