Petites Aventures de Cosette – Preproduction Mode

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A bright, fun, encouraging, sweet treat for the heart, soul and senses! The storyline to the first episode is finished, the outline to the series is complete. I’m now working on set designs, gathering costume designs/materials and designing and constructing props. Here is a peek at one of my work tables in my apt-work studio!

July-2013 001

We are also busy with fund raising and location scouting! Coming soon-casting calls! Please help us make this dream come true! Help us create something beautiful for the world! Be a part of this by donating anything you can! $, skills, ideas…! Direct donations can be made at or contact me.
Another way to help is by purchasing some of Craig Anthony Perkins music here:
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Opening August 1st 2013 “Fantoccini” Dolls by Amanda Sue Myers at Blackfish Gallery Further information at – (photo and site by Craig Anthony Perkins) — with Amanda Myers.


Please help starving artists with potential to make something magical!

Official Movie Poster!

Official Movie Poster!

Hi Friends! We’re trying to make our next film entitled “Cosette” and we need your help. We are going to submit it to Amazon’s new “Original TV Series” programming as well as HBO’s new “Digital Shorts” channel. Small funding will be needed. Can you please help by making a donation or sharing this via your networks? We’ve decided NOT to do kickstarter for this project, because if you don’t make your requested goal, you end up with nothing. So we are kickstarting our own fundraising!

We’re needing only $10k, so if we can get 4 people to contribute $2500 in exchange for Executive Producer credit, we can shoot the pilot for this! Or if each of my online friends were to donate $20 each we would make the funding.

This will be a fun and quirky short series loosely inspired by Jean-Pierre Jeunet’s “Amélie” but completely different.

Direct donations can be made at

The Haunting at Danford Cabin set.

The Haunting at Danford Cabin set.

Please help starving artists with potential to make something magical! To refresh everyone’s memories; our last no-budget film, shot on the iPhone, won the 3rd iPhone Film Festival and was the official selection of several other world-wide film fests. Our no-budget iPhone film before that was showcased at the 2012 Macworld Expo. Imagine what we could do with an actual budget and an actual camera! Please help us out by donating $, ideas for fundraising, or donating time or services to become a part of it all. Please share this with your friends!