Into the Depths – Creating Beauty

Into the Depths

I have had an interesting life and continue to walk the path of trust, adventure, love, creation, and evolution. Never one to sit idle, I have to be doing something. I am an extravert and love people. My forte is in studying the moment, all aspects of humanity, the earth, the creatures we share it with and how we all fit together in this wild dance. I am not only an observer, alas, I must jump in, generally not touching my toe to the water first, but head first, whole heartedly I throw myself into the depths. I can tread water if I must, but generally am too excited to see what’s on the other side of the river bank, so on I stroke and kick and gasp and once I reach the bank I shake myself off, and find the best footing as I crawl up the bank onto new adventures!

I was born in San Diego and enjoyed the typical California granola girl, progressive lifestyle. I was IQ tested in school because I had problems keeping up in academics, but proved to be gifted. I struggled with dyslexia, but back then they didn’t know what to do with me so they ignored it. The dyslexia hit me in the nether-regions of math, directional issues and memory.

My handicap ended up becoming an asset because it forced me to become resourceful. I carried this resourceful thinking throughout my life and it’s gotten me farther than any algebraic brain power could have. I am a creative problem solver in every sense. Therefore, I am a good producer in many aspects of life. This carries forward into my professional and creative life. I can design costumes, sets, stories, tools, etc and with very little to zero budget. Just imagine what I could do with a budget.

My goals are to write entertaining screenplays with a message, while holding the vision for the story by sharing my two cents worth in the production design. My stories are interesting, thought provoking, exciting and based upon my deeply rich life experiences. No shallow waters here!

Photos courtesy of Craig Anthony Perkins