Debora Jo Myers and Craig Anthony Perkins – An Unstoppable Team!

Here is the latest Craig and I have co-created. ( see links below),  Me as model, make up artist and stylist.  Craig as photographer and creative director. We are working hard on our film ideas of short and feature length films. We need funding for our artistic creations. So, for now, we are working with what we have. A bedroom; which is our library, studio for set, costume and props design and one wall which  serves as backdrop for stills photographs. We use a couple of cheap soft box lights and the iPhone 4S. That’s it. Just imagine what we could do with real equipment! (and we DO know about crowd funding sites..but we need the equipment to make the crowd funding video and we need a network of people to help promote the Crowd Fund site. You can’t just make a video and slap it up there. There is way more to it than that and we need help now. Now 2 months from now. )

We have just celebrated our one year anniversary. Since coming together a year ago, we have exclusively premiered one short film at macworld 2012, won the iPhone film festival 2012 for our other short stop-motion animation, and just recently won Photo of the week on JPG magazine.

Neither Craig nor I are officially trained. We have educated ourselves and are adept in many areas of art, creativity and technology.  I am also a cook for a health food restaurant, herbalist and adept in holistic healing arts. I am an empath, and have used my gifts to communicate through the ethers to those that have passed over. All in all we are a pretty interesting couple.

Craig is an adept musician, composer, sound designer and audio engineer, as well as a filmmaker, toy designer, web/computer extraordinaire and super talented photographer. Craig and I are both sensitives and strive to share our wealth of life experiences and epiphanies through our art.

Craig and I have recently relocated to Portland, Oregon. I moved here after losing my business in NM, due to the stock market crash in 2008. All of my govt. contracts were cut at once and I was left high and dry. I moved here to reinvent myself and be closer to my family and a more progressive community. Craig found me on facebook after not seeing each other in over 33 years. We were childhood sweethearts in Jr. High School.

Craig Anthony Perkins <3 Debora Jo Myers 1978

Childhood Sweethearts 1978

Each admiring one another across the lunch table, but too shy to  hold hands. We continued our friendship online 33 years later,  fell in love again and Craig moved from LA to be with me in Portland. We figured we’d see if we were compatible. He moved into a duplex a couple miles from where I lived with my folks and we planned on taking our time to see if it would work in the “real world”. Well, we have been living with one another since that first night he arrived. We have only spent a couple nights away from each other because I was nursing a sick pet all night at my mom’s house.

We are seeking funding for our films and creative endeavors. Craig not only shoots and directs our films; he also writes, edits and does the entire film score (music) himself. I am a writer, an actress, set designer, production designer, costume designer, monster costume designer etc.. I have written for my webzine for over 13 years, fiction and nonfiction. I have several screenplay outlines put together from great stories that are life based and almost unbelievable! I’ve lived quite an adventurous and exciting life. Together we are a wonderfully creative duo!

We seriously need a sponsor/executive producer/money person so we can take our vision to the next level!!  We want to inspire, entertain, encourage and thrill our audience and earthly siblings on a much larger scale than we are reaching now!  If anyone can lead us in the right direction for funding we would be eternally grateful!

If you would like to contribute to our Starving Artist Fund , please feel free to do so!

Or, if you like electronic, ambient music, you can support us by purchasing an album composed and performed exclusively by Craig Anthony Perkins/ jido – genshi.

Here is the link to Craig Anthony Perkins website-

and a link to Genshi Media Group


We whole heartedly thank you for your support!

Debora Jo Myers and Craig Anthony Perkins