We are in Pre-Production of our Sci-Fi Feature film Biocode, written and directed by Craig Anthony Perkins and Produced by Yours Truly. I am busy helping Craig with the writing, mostly as a sounding board and injecting my opinions etc. We are also location scouting and coming up with ideas for set design etc. I enjoy the creative factor and love seeing his creative process as he’s brainstorming and pulling the story together. It’s an exciting story and we feel really good about where it’s going and how it will be received.


Releasing the Wild-Woman Within

In most cultures over the ages the patriarchy have repressed women to the extent that we are no longer in touch with our deepest primordial selves. Our instinctual natures, the seat of our souls and our root chakra energies have been under siege and it’s high time we work on getting back in touch with the wild woman within. I am not implying that we must toss the baby carriage. Not at all, but we must dig down and ignite that soul-fire, be true to all of our inner natures so that we can be well balanced individuals connected with the earth, the higher powers and with each other. There is a big difference between being subservient and being true to our nurturing natures. Subservience comes from social pressure and fear. Nurturing comes from the heart and soul with love.

As women, we know that we have the genetic programming to ensure the survival of our species. Strong urges to procreate are instilled within as well as the nurturing aspect that comes along with creation. We must learn to use this powerful force in a grander way. Let us harness this creative energy to nurture not only our own progenitors but also the earth and world around us. When we take this leap, expand this energy to encompass our brothers and sisters of the earth; we are making the evolutionary step to a higher consciousness.

Our nurturing natures are an excellent and easy place to initiate our growth for the greater good.

Many myths surrounding the essence of the wild woman show that the repression and rejection of the creative life force, our instinctual essence can twist and turn that force into destructive and crazy energy.

The vital, wild life energy is suppressed and broken down by the civilizing of children at an early age. This transaction of repressing the spontaneous actions is the beginning of the end of our wild intuitiveness. Social systems and cultural influences govern the extent of how deeply the creative, intuitive, life energy is suppressed. It seems the more we disconnect from our natural worlds, the more we are alienated from our instinctual and wild natures.

Yes, we do need to behave and control some of our urges if we are to live together in a society without harming others or ourselves. But with that, we must learn to allow ourselves to maintain our connections with the elements and our basic life FirePower. A good friend of mine always said “Don’t should on yourself”.  Does it come from the heart or from obligation and what society expects from you? We could avoid many illnesses and bad relationships if we just act and “behave” true to our inner natures or heart’s desires.

It may take years of affirming and reprogramming our conscious mind to let our passions flow.

The first step you can take when you feel a need to do something creative, or something for yourself is to “just do it”. Catch yourself when you constantly put the paperwork or the laundry ahead of your soul time. Affirm that it is important to feed your wild-self and it is a must to nurture yourself as well as your loved ones.

The next time you see the children running through the park and think, oh to be young again, get up out of your seat and run with them. One day I was running and twirling with my daughter and her friends at the park where I noticed a mom waiting for her kids in her car. Her daughter stopped and watched us for a couple minutes and then went to her car and pulled her mommy out. She followed her daughter to the swings; the two of them played, laughed and had a good time. I caught the other mom’s eye and we shared a moment of pure wild woman bliss.

Your sexual soul urge is deeply connected to your instinctual nature. By tapping into your intuitive self you can relax and let your sexuality free. Feed your wild woman. Take care of her. Dream, fantasize, and create your own reality. Get in touch with the part of yourself that is afraid to move onward and upward. Most of all have fun, experiment and get to the root of your being. Let it out! Make sure you have some quiet reflection time to listen to yourself and tune into your needs.  Then make them a reality. No one is going to do it for you!

Copyright 2012 Debora Jo Myers

The Haunting at Danford Cabin at the Shorts Nonstop Film Fest

Our short film has been accepted to the Shorts Nonstop film festival! Please help us out by voting for our 3 minute film! We appreciate your help!!

“When a woodsman hears the disembodied cries and whispers of his not-so-dearly but recently departed wife, his search for the source brings him to an unexpected and violent confrontation.”

Sharing Stories

As a young woman I had a burning desire to save the world. I felt it was my duty as a know it all to physically go out and beat the drum, chant the truth and correct anyone I felt was out of line. But as I grow older and a little wiser, I’ve learned to quietly observe, listen and continue learning a little more. Don’t get me wrong. I’m still outspoken and say my piece, but I hold my tongue more often than not. I’ve taken a spiritual path now.

When I was younger I was an activist for social, environmental and civil justice. I had a website ( going through a rebirthing ) that I used to share what I was learning as I went forward. I wanted to write more fiction, but didn’t seem to have the time.

Well, now my offspring have flown the nest and I have time to do some fun stuff,  so it’s time to write screen plays fueled by my life. And Life it has been. I’ve lived in exotic and not so exotic places. I’ve seen and had many adventures and been blessed by all the wonderful people I’ve met and all the wild and wonderful experiences I’ve had. I’ve lived many different lives it seems, but I’d have it now other way.

Throughout all this I raised two very well-rounded, worldly offspring. I apologized for some of the antics they had to muddle through with me, but they both said it made them bigger, than if they’d stayed in some town their entire childhoods, living the “normal” life. So with all that under my belt , I think it’s time to write some really juicy life lesson stories. This blog will be covering my voyage as a Film Producer, Screen-writer, Actress, and my creative flow as I put together some REAL production value with my partner in life, love and creativity Craig Anthony Perkins and Genshi Media Group.